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Ms. Kristy Sprague


I do believe that it takes a village to educate students. As Principal of Aurora, it is my honor to put my educational, professional, and spiritual skills together. Words can’t express how delightfully happy I will be to finally work as a Team with other colleagues who will embrace my passion and share the same values. I believe that use of the head, heart, and hands is the best way to establish team spirit, collaboration, and strategic planning while educating our children. It is an honor to lead by demonstrating excellence, trust, integrity, confidentiality, respect, love, and unity while holding them accountable in all that they do and praise them when the job is done well. Finally, to serve as a guide in our students’ early educational journey so they are well prepared for the 21st century once they leave Aurora, be an example as they return to their respective communities, and begin to make a profound difference by serving is my deepest and most compelling desire.

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  • Ms. Kristy Sprague

  • Darlesha Allen

    Office Manager
  • Precious Barber

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Crystal Trombley

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Marquita Murphy

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Melinda Hoskins

    TeacherGrade 3rd
  • Dawn Tubbs

    TeacherGrade 4th
  • Wanda Eaddy

    TeacherGrade 5th
  • Allison Ziehm

    TeacherGrade 6th
  • Amy Carter

    Music & Technology Teacher
  • Mr. Waites

    Physical Education Teacher
  • Kelly Decola

    Title 1 Teacher
  • Ms. Sandra Hall

    Special Education Teacher